Lion Firework - 25 shot Pro Display barrage (1 piece)

Lion Firework - 25 shot Pro Display barrage (1 piece)

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Price for 1 x 25shot Professional Display barrage!

Limited edition item for 2021!

Whilst this Cake is not in our "Specialist Loud section" it is by no means quiet! Benefiting from 25 large 30mm bore shots that fly high into the sky which then explode with "Huge Bursts" of Vivid Glittering Red Comet Tails, plus Yellow, White and Green Strobes, each with a "Huge Burst" of Red or Silver or Yellow or Green with a Loud Bang on the break and a touch of Crackle too! To conclude the last five shots are fired simultaneously to form a Spectacular Finale that fills the sky with Crackling Chrysanthemum bursts. Yet another Show Stopper!!!

  • 25 "Huge" 30mm bore Shots

  • Exciting to watch

  • NEC: 550g

  • Vivid Colours and Noise

  • Category 3

  • 25 metre viewing distance