Sajgon - 49 shot Pro Display Barrage (1 piece)

Sajgon - 49 shot Pro Display Barrage (1 piece)

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Price for 1 x 49 shot 30mm barrage.

The overwhelming reaction to this firework when we first tested it was...."WOW" !!! this is "SO BIG"!!! In fact we thought we were watching 2" shells, the bursts were so impressive!!! To explain, Sajgon fires 49 x 30mm shots high into the sky, each one breaking with a "Loud Bang" into a "Golden Crackling Spider" that fills the sky with Crackling Gold and Loud Reports!!! If you like noise you will love this one!!!

  • Loud Bangs - Maximum bore size & max. powder weight
  • Spectacular Crackling Spiders
  • 49 "Big" shots
  • Category 3
  • 25 metre viewing distance

Customer Feedback: (Craig Dawson from Newcastle):

“If you want to impress then this one is a must - trust me it is awesome and well worth the price - the explosions are huge..!”