Boom Booom - 149 shot 1.3G Compound barrage (1 piece)

Boom Booom - 149 shot 1.3G Compound barrage (1 piece)

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Price for 1 x 149shot Compound barrage ONLY.

This 149 shot cake has just about every effect you could think of packed into 2 barrages, which are fused together to create this heavyweight! An ideal piece for weddings, birthdays, parties, anniversaries! A must have but be warned it is loud with lots of effects!

  • 149 shots
  • BRAND NEW FOR 2021!
  • Compound barrage (2 barrages fused together)
  • Maximum 30mm bore tubes
  • Ideal finale piece
  • Safety Viewing Distance: 25 metres
  • Class: 1.3G
  • Powder Weight: 1.63kg